Due to the instantly changed way employees are connected with your company, by working more from their home offices, it is crucial to use your corporate office as the vital connection between company and colleagues. Shared office spaces have the potential to make the difference to the company’s image, as well as to create a working environment that inspires and connects teammates. The fertile soil of your corporate culture will help to grow your brand power, internally and externally. Plant the Brand has the answers.

Branding your corporate offices must be done thoroughly, and based on a future-proof vision, supported by a visual concept. For this, it is essential to develop a consistent and clear expression of what your organizational values represent. The unique culture of your organization is both a lifeline and a work-base.

Shared culture

In an early stage of the design process, it is essential to gather all relevant information from your organization, because “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, as marketing godfather Peter Drucker expressed it wisely. Each organizational culture can utter itself in deeply felt values and in externalities, like all kinds of items for corporate identity. Whether your corporate culture is people-oriented, innovation-oriented, management-oriented or results-oriented, your close professional community demands shared values and shared standards.

Planting your brand

To explore and address this, we have developed the Plant the Brand Association Tool. In a session with the stakeholders from within the company, we collectively investigate the brand connected to the company’s mission, vision, strategy, messaging and overall goals. But it is not only the company’s goals which have to be defined, key aspects which also have to be answered are for example questions like: “How do we want to meet with each other?”, “How do we want to host customers?”, and “How agile should the lay-out of the environment be?”.It is a complete process of examining the company’s needs and wants, by creating the framework from where to start developing the company’s unique environment: the corporate clubhouse.After defining the framework Plant the Brand creates the look and feel of the complete concept, and visualizes this in a first concept presentation which will be presented, shared and discussed with the stakeholders involved.

Subsequently in the process Plant the Brand tailors down the concept into final lay-outs, design principles, materialization, and allocates the corporate stories which have to be told in a consistent way. During the overall process, we are in close cooperation with your core team in co-creating your unique, collective Corporate Clubhouse.


The co-created Corporate Clubhouse tends to have fully engaged colleagues and teammates, that are in the optimal position to push boundaries while remaining deeply connected. The Corporate Clubhouse is a strategic tool for HR managers, brand managers and communication managers alike.


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