Intriguing concept & design

A memorable, purposeful experience in your space is what really engages people and connects them to your brand. Face to face matters most. There’s plenty of room for a well-thought analogue experience that is designed to make visitors interact. At Plant the Brand we believe that exhibiting will transition into more experiential environments, bringing together a combination of digital and live communication. More emphasis will be placed on the value, the emotional experience, a person received from stopping at a booth. We work to ensure that the experience you decide to create relates to your brand and marketing goals.

“More emphasis will be placed on the value, the emotional experience”

Track record

We have over two decades of international specialist expertise in Business to Business Live Communication and Brand Experiences. Our customers are in Oil and Gas, Energy, Maritime, Off-shore, Transport, Business Electronics, Process Industry, Biotech Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Dental and Graphical Industries.

“We arrange and manage for you the entire process from design, building/construction and completion on location, transport and storage throughout the world”
Sebastiaan Boleij, Co-owner of Plant the Brand

Look at our recent projects

Plant the Brand C-Place

As an extension of your permanent office(s) you will host your business relations in a fascinating, inspiring, and sophisticated brand experience at a temporary exhibition/tradeshow location taking key components of memorable (new relations), confirmation (customers & existing business partners) company pride (employees) and last but not least emotion (all stakeholders) into account. A warm and welcome place with great similarities in comfort such as meeting rooms, professional atmosphere & services, internet facilities, quality food and beverages corresponding to the working environment all people are used to in the office.

Plant the Brand C-office

Lifecycles of ideas are facing continuous change. This calls for strong creativity and above all achievable concepts for realising office interiors. We create inspiring sustainable living environments. Aligning individual and specific needs, requirements and taste in relation to the environment forms the fundament. In conjunction with defined brand values we translate this into contemporary and timeless interiors that encourage collaboration, creativity, productivity, health and well-being.

Plant the Brand C-Comfort

Realisation of a distinctive and effective corporate brand experience requires professionalism and experience. We mutually identify your needs and expectations, discuss and check your defined brand guidelines; based on agreed objectives we translate your needs and goals into a fascinating, functional design. Proper execution has our full attention. All is your full ownership and thus always at your disposal throughout the world. We arrange and manage for you the entire process from design, production, project management, building/construction and completion on location, logistics, transport, customs, repairs, replacement and storage.