Introducing Plant the Brand

At Plant the Brand we bring people together in an inspiring, sophisticated and comfortable environment where they can meet face to face to exchange information and to do business.
We create, develop and realize the ultimate temporary professional working space anywhere in the world combining live and digital experiences, all within our client’s branding guidelines and directives. Clients, client’s customers and all business relations in the centre of brand communication.

”Every time an evaluation shows that customer expectations are fully met I’m a happy man”
Jos Beijen, founder of Plant the Brand

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Live Communication makes all the difference

At Plant the Brand we strongly believe that managing a successful business requires personal connections. Because business is, in large part, about building relationships; face-to-face interactions built trust, understanding, and a real sense of a shared mission, and this has made all the difference in the world.
The beauty of communication is found in the nuance that’s only felt in face-to-face conversations. Over ninety percent of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues, talking face-to-face becomes more important than ever.

Decision makers prefer the personal touch

Did you know that each year 30.000 global business-to-business Exhibitions are organised?
This explains why decision makers consider exhibitions and tradeshows as the number one choice to obtain information and insight about the market in which they operate. A strong and even systematic preference above other media channels such as mails, advertising in trade journals, advertorials, telemarketing, social media and free publicity.
Fairs, trade shows and exhibitions are considered as the only communication that brings the right audiences to you for personal sales calls.