surface: 450 m²

Diversey (1923, Chicago) is a leading company that offers worldwide innovative total solutions in the area of professional cleaning and hygiene.

The offer includes total solutions for all professional applications, including training, logistics and administrative support. The systems are focused on building maintenance, professional kitchen hygiene, machine dishwashing, sanitary cleaning, textile care, personal hygiene and food safety.

Customers are in all market segments such as cleaning, catering, healthcare, government, education, retail, petrol, hotel chains, breweries, drinks and dairy industry, food industry, agriculture, food service companies and many institutional and industrial customers.

The company’s focus is on innovation and sustainable solutions:
• Innovation through the regular introduction of ground-breaking products such as Revoflow®, TASKI® and Clax®
• By deploying and using sustainable solutions, customers’ businesses are more profitable and sustainable, more efficiently and at the same time contributing to the well-being of society.

Diversey key data:
• 10,500 employees worldwide
• active in more than 175 countries
• market leader in every region

The objective
Regarding Interclean 2018 The Diversey objective was “to create the ultimate engagement with the visitors by amazing them with an outstanding presence that meets their individual needs”.

The defined goals:
• Generate sales leads and drive incremental sales
• Strengthen relationships with existing customers, engage potential customers, extend network
• Showcase innovations and demonstrate solutions on the customer sector approach
• Integrate internet of Clean platform
• Positioning new brand identity
• Showcasing that sustainability is part of the Diversey DNA

The formulated tactics:
• Bring relevancy to clients by addressing specific needs
• Outstanding hospitality
• Strong branding
• Showcasing and integrating sustainability
• Creating the Customer Journey integrated in the Interclean communications plan

Required ingredients:
• Appearance of a strong brand
• Compelling an innovative design
• Welcoming and open, inviting
• Clear segmentation, user friendly, relevant for visitors
• Optimized routing
• Outstanding hospitality
• High quality

An exciting moment for all of us at Plant the Brand. The Diversey briefing contained a variety of ingredients, such as questions of positioning, design, content, customer expectations, routing as well as commercial and management related subjects such as lead generation, sales and ROI.

A great opportunity to call on and show our creative expertise and capabilities, our commercial skillset as well as our long-term experience in business to business environments.

By careful studying available Diversey stationary over time as well as bearing the impressive rotating eye-catching cleaning machines in mind the creative conceptional thought was fed organically by principles of tactile curved shaped architecture. Next creative challenge has been to include components such as Distinctive, State of the Art and Human Size.

Then there was of course the challenge to take care of the content, messaging and layout, including commercial wishes such as lead generation, the customer experience, the realization of a strong, recognizable brand and the absorption of essences such as sustainability and innovation.

Many conceptual thoughts as well as a plurality of sketch work resulted in an open and welcome design where segmentation and clear communication are facilitated in three eye catching circular eye-catching pavilions meeting the request of creating a recognizable strong brand the following ingredients included:
• Open and accessible presentation areas clearly identifying the customer segments by using segment communication images
• Per aisle a circular pavilion enhancing the Diversey customer sector approach and creating the optimized routing
• Presentation per segment consisting out of segment imagery, integrated touchscreens supporting the Diversey solutions presentations
• Touch screens integrated in a blue corporate image, communicating the Diversey brand promises
• Using the dynamic Diversey corporate images of the corporate video as full colour printed images within the circular ceilings
• Regarding the central stage we created a 3X3 videowall as the centre point of the central presentation area surrounded by curved shaped seating elements to be used during presentations and / or informal meetings
• The explanation of the principle “the Internet of Clean” has been done in a contemporary interactive area with i-pads and large screens
• Regarding the subject of “outstanding hospitality” we have designed and developed a slightly separated hospitality area, to host customers / prospects in an “exclusive as well as branded atmosphere” on the basis of “personal invite only”

All Diversey and Plant the Brand people involved and contributing in the project team have been enthusiastic as well as inquisitively wondering about the Diversey company’s physical presence during Interclean 2018.

Diversey: a brand experience project with a lot of drive and commitment that has been amply rewarded!