Interactive video

When an event provides the opportunity for exhibitors to have a virtual area, this area usually requires a link to a video. However, event topics can be very specific or focus on a specific industry. Showing a generic corporate video does not match the story an exhibitor has to tell. Creating dedicated content for each show can be a time consuming and expensive solution.

An interactive video is an easier and more effective alternative. It will create more value out of existing content while it also helps the visitors navigate the virtual stand.

Combining several existing on-topic videos and slideshows into a single video that can be browsed and provide links for more in-depth content on the exhibitor’s website is a quick and cost-effective way to show content that match the topics of the event. A simple introduction to welcome the visitor and a clear chapter overview provides the viewers with the opportunity to watch the content that is most interesting to them without having to scroll back and forth or watch the whole video. After each chapter a link pops up in the video that directs the viewer to the relevant part of the website where they can learn more. This enables the visitor to watch the content on demand, and read more on the relevant parts of the website, creating a true virtual experience.

Watch the interactive movie here: