Plant the Brand sponsor partner “Elephant Parade Laren”

Laren, May 31, 2017 – Elephant Parade Laren presents international brand experience agency Plant the Brand, based in Laren, as new sponsor partner.

Mike Spits, founder of Elephant Parade: “A warm welcome for Plant the Brand to the Elephant Parade Laren 2017. Our partnership has a self-evident “natural fit” with similarities in 3D Design, creativity, the increasing importance as well as affection of topics such as corporate social responsibility and sustainability. And last but not least Laren as its home base. Finally, founder Jos Beijen visited us in Thailand in 2014 and is thus pleasantly contaminated with the ultimate Elephant Parade virus. ”

Jos Beijen, founder / owner Plant the Brand: “We are experts in customer brand experiences and brand environments. We advise and support ambitious companies, active in business to business sectors, to present themselves at international trade shows and exhibitions to customers, potential business partners and other relevant stakeholders. In sectors such as the manufacturing industry, electronics, oil & gas, maritime, transport & distribution and graphics industry.”

Beijen continues: “The Elephant Parade fits perfectly. Emphasis on creativity and design. In todays world large volumes of wood are being processed. With this sponsorship, we make people as well as our business relations aware of the importance of maintaining the natural habitat where the elephant plays a prominent role in the chain. Appeal is currently being made on the creativity of colleagues in the design studio, which will result in our own unique Plant the Brand designed elephant. I am very curious about the result, ”

About Elephant Parade Laren

After opening expositions in world cities like Amsterdam, London and Bangkok, the Elephant Parade celebrates the 10th anniversary of June 18th to mid September in Laren.

Along the route

From the Brink via the Naarderstraat ending in the new, accessible Singer Museum – images are in baby elephant format.

Especially for the jubilee edition ten artists designed new elephants, who come to Singer. Existing pieces of art are from celebrities like Tommy Hilfiger, DJ Hardwell and Katy Perry. The elephants are anchored on a pedestal in the public areas of Laren village.

Worldwide seventeen elephant parades already attracted over 100 million visitors

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